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Deck Resurfacing in Vancouver, WA

If you have an exotic hardwood deck (Ipe, Cumaru, Tigerwood or Mahogany) you're probably not looking to get your deck resurfaced. These woods that come from off shore have a very long life as decking. But the vast majority of decks built with wood decking in SW Washington are either Western Red Cedar or a pressure treated deck board using some type of fir. Unlike the hardwoods these softwoods are inexpensive, easy to install, and because they deteriorate relatively quickly have a limited serviceable life.

The reasons for resurfacing a wood deck can be varied. Generally if the deck is relatively young (between 5 and 10 years) a client is looking to upgrade the aesthetics or life of the deck. And maybe even the railing. For decks of this age their decking for the most part is good to go, but there might be an occasional board in distress. As decks continue to age beyond 10 years the wood begins to deteriorate at an accelerating rate. At around 20 years old it’s generally thought that the decking is in such bad shape that it needs to be replaced. At this point the decking has literally become dangerous. This is true even if the decking has been maintained and stained. The reason is because the location of greatest deterioration is somewhere it’s impossible to maintain underneath the decking where the deck board comes in contact with the supporting joists. A deck of this age, the under structure also needs to be carefully evaluated and most are not in any kind of shape to be reused.

Wood decking has no warrantees, other than that which a deck builder will want to place on his or her work at the time of construction. If left unprotected (unstained), the moment a wood deck board is put down it begins to change. The time of year the decking is installed has a lot to do with the rate of those changes, summer vs winter. The changes are a fading of the color (all wood fades to gray if left unprotected) and shrinkage due to loss of moisture. It’s these 2 changes that lead to warping, splitting and cupping all of which eventually lead to decay and rot. Depending on the species of wood a deck can be rendered unsafe and dangerous in as little as 10 years.

Some of the factors in resurfacing a deck are, but are not limited to:

  • Removal of the decking (how the decking is attached [nailed or screwed] influences costs
  • Joist realignment (most wood decks have joists at 24” centers. Man-made decking is 16”)
  • Ledger evaluation and flashing replacement
  • Joist protection (the existing decking connectors created an opening to the core of the joist)
  • New decking purchase and installation.

If the idea of upgrading the decking surface is done early enough the end cost of removing and replacing the decking is generally about 3/4 the cost of a new deck. Part of this cost is making sure that the remaining structure is good to go for the new decking. The longer that decision is delayed, the more expensive the replacement becomes and at some point a complete demolition is necessary.

These days the man made decks available in the market place bring with them hefty warrantees. They begin with a no fade, no stain warrantee which means, for the specified period of time, the deck will have the aesthetic quality that you purchased and had the day it was installed. These no fade, no stain warrantees are usually 20 or 25 years. Beyond that there is the standard warrantee that covers the other aspects of a man made deck board, no splitting, no warping, no water absorption, no mold or mildew, insect resistant and will not rot. Depending on the deck board, these warrantees can be anywhere from 20 years to a limited lifetime warrantee.

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